AgiLawyer is a full service advisory company that specializes in helping law firms become more agile, efficient, and effective in a rapidly evolving legal landscape.

Our services are designed to address the unique challenges that law firms face today and help them transform into agile law firms that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

We offer services in three main categories:

Legal Marketing & Clients2024-02-05T09:31:20+01:00

We believe that providing excellent service to clients is crucial to the success of any law firm. Our services are designed to help law firms improve their client experience and build strong relationships with their clients.

  • Client Experience: We help law firms improve their client experience by providing client journey mapping, client feedback surveys, and client communication plans. Our services are designed to help law firms build strong relationships with their clients and provide exceptional service.

  • Client business development: We help law firms track business history, segment customers, manage and personalize communications, and track the cost of cases. We offer lead management, contact management, performance reports, and conflict checks to help law firms take care of their clients.

  • Legal marketing: We help law firms improve their online presence and attract new clients using effective online marketing strategies. Our services include UX design, web audit, web development, optimization, SEO, PPC analysis and audit, performance marketing, dynamic retargeting, and link building.

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Legal Technology & Artificial Intelligence2024-02-05T09:31:54+01:00

We help law firms leverage technology to improve their operations and provide better service to their clients.

  • Legal Technology Strategy: We provide guidance in setting up a strategy to utilize legal technology and artificial intelligence. We help law firms assess their technology needs, select appropriate technologies, and implement them effectively.

  • Legal Process Automation: We help law firms automate their legal processes using technology, such as process mapping, automation tool selection, and implementation support.

  • Data Analytics: We help law firms leverage data analytics to improve their decision-making processes. Our services include data collection, analysis, and visualization.

  • Digital: We help law firms create engaging and effective graphic materials that fit perfectly with their brand communication and evoke the right emotions in their clients. Our services include banners, video production, print design, brand materials, and online magazines.

  • Custom legal tech development: creates tailored software solutions that streamline legal processes, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making.

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Legal Agility & Teamwork2024-01-17T08:08:28+01:00

We believe that people working in teams are the most important asset of any law firm, and our services are designed to help law firms empower their employees and provide excellent service to their clients.

  • Training and Development: We provide training and development programs for law firm employees that help them improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest legal developments. Our programs include legal writing, negotiation, time management, and communication.

  • Change Management: We provide change management services to help law firms navigate the complexities of change. Our services include stakeholder analysis, communication planning, and implementation support.

  • Employee Satisfaction: We work with tools that help your team plan, manage, and communicate to improve their effectiveness. We offer task management, case management, communication, calendaring, and event planning services to improve collaboration between people.

  • Agile Training and Legal Project Management: Gain insight into the roles involved in agile transformation and benefit from our interim agile coaching services. Additionally, we offer comprehensive legal project management solutions to assist law firms in efficiently managing their projects and cases.

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We believe that by empowering employees, improving client experience, and leveraging technology, law firms can stay competitive and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

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