Specific Topics or Modules to be Covered:

  1. Introduction to AI and ChatGPT
    • Understanding AI and its role in the legal field
    • Overview of ChatGPT capabilities and limitations
  2. Legal Research with ChatGPT
    • Using ChatGPT for case law research
    • Finding relevant statutes and regulations
    • Analyzing legal precedents
  3. Document Drafting with ChatGPT
    • Drafting legal memos and briefs
    • Creating contracts and legal agreements
    • Generating correspondence and emails
  4. Ethical Considerations and Best Practices
    • Ensuring confidentiality and data privacy
    • Avoiding biases in AI outputs
    • Ethical use of AI in legal practice
  5. Interactive Case Studies and Q&A
    • Hands-on practice with real-life scenarios
    • Interactive Q&A session

Format of the Workshop:

  • Seminar with hands-on sessions

Duration of the Workshop:

  • 3 hours

Key Takeaways or Desired Outcomes for the Participants:

  • Understanding how to leverage ChatGPT for efficient legal research and document drafting
  • Practical skills in using ChatGPT for various legal tasks
  • Awareness of ethical considerations and best practices in using AI tools in legal practice

Note: Additionally, if participants prefer, we can focus the workshop on other Large Language Models (LLMs) like Claude, Mistral, and Gemini to suit their specific needs and preferences.

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