It is almost a month since we decided to prove the power of agility to tackle the refugee crisis in Europe.

In response to the war in Ukraine, we established a platform UA.SUPPORT – linking help where volunteer lawyers across the globe can collaborate and link their offers of help with those in need.

The project already proved its success across nearly 20 countries. We got almost 120 volunteer lawyers, and we processed hundreds of legal cases. With respect to the positive response from legal institutions (bar associations, legal organizations, etc.), and the huge interest of volunteers, we decided to move further and faster to become a global solution providing pro bono help regardless if it is a crisis or not.

The project is funded by AgiLawyer Society, an independent NGO. Any financial contributions are welcome.

What will be your money used for?
– Train all volunteer lawyers
– Involve other organizations such as NGOs, etc.
– Develop the project from both a technical and human point of view.
– Cover costs of legal cases that cannot be done pro bono
– Employ as many Ukrainian refugees as possible (e.g., attorneys, SW developers, etc.)