There was a buzz of curiosity and excitement among young lawyers. So… and now we’re trying to find out what agile is. It’s still being talked about, but mostly in IT and HR. What? Are we going to throw balls? Yes, that could be Ondřej Dvořák’s agility workshop. Long story short – agility is a strategy that allows a company to adapt to the environment, keeping up with changes and trends. It makes the company more efficient and saves time, energy, and capital.

We are very happy to have attended the half-year conference of AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers, which took place in The Hague in May 2023. Throughout the 3-day event, our representatives Ondřej Dvořák and Kateryna Balaban not only presented our non-profit application UA.SUPPORT of Linking Help, but also gained some financial support through the auction of a work of art designed by Ukrainian artist Vyacheslav “Slava” Osinski entitled “Peace Bomb.” They had a great time enjoying the conference to the fullest.  So, the non-profit project, UA.SUPPORT is an international pro bono platform that links Ukrainian refugees requesting legal help with appropriate lawyers. The project has handled more than 3,500 cases so far! It is covered by a general NGO called Linking Help, which is committed to providing access to justice for those in need worldwide. We are immensely grateful for the attendees’ participation in the session about our work.