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Unlocking Legal Excellence with Agility, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and Technology

Our solutions for Growth, Technology, and Team Excellence:

Legal Marketing &

We provide guidance to improve market presence, communication strategy and client engagement, leading to long-term growth and success.

Legal Technology & Artificial Intelligence

We advise on integration of Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and technology, enabling smarter decision-making, streamlined operations, and a competitive edge.

Legal Agility &

We help teams adopt a mindset that blends agile practices, process improvement, and legal design thinking. This approach encourages a culture focused on adaptability, teamwork, and increased productivity.

Join the ranks of 1000+ legal professionals trained by us on

AgileArtificial IntelligenceLegal marketing

How does it work

The full transformation with us is organized in these steps:
  • Step 1 – ASSESSMENT
    Begin your journey with a complimentary assessment to determine your law firm’s current standing. We are committed to guiding you every step of the way, providing thorough support to ensure your success.
    Dive deep into your firm to pinpoint bottlenecks in all departments. Identify your maturity level and receive tailored recommendations for progression.
  • Step 3 – TRAINING
    Get tailor-made training on LegalTech such as artificial intelligence, agile in legal practice, legal marketing, legal design thinking, sales processes, and many more in our academy.

    Get Tailored Solutions such as CRM for client management, Task Management for streamlined workflow, Marketing Analytics for campaign insights, Digital Contract Management for efficient document handling, Tools for quick legal drafting, Client Portals for easy access to case information, Time Tracking and Billing Automation for precise invoicing. and many more.

Meet Our Experts:

Ondřej Dvořák
Ondřej DvořákStreamlining Legal Agility and Processes
Ondřej specializes in agile methodologies and collaborative teamwork, enhancing your firm’s efficiency and optimizing workflow management. Partner with Ondřej to streamline operations and elevate team performance.

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Miroslav Hyrman
Miroslav HyrmanIntegrating AI, Data, and Legal Technologies
Miroslav guides firms in seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence and data analytics into the legal sector, streamlining decision making, case management, and client services. His expertise empowers your practice to adapt to a tech-driven legal environment.

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Jana Alice Pakosta Fabry
Jana Alice Pakosta FabryHarnessing Legal Marketing and Business Development Expertise
Jana specializes in strategic legal marketing and business development, enhancing your firm’s market presence and cultivating meaningful client relationships. Her expertise fosters business advancement and positions your firm for sustained success.

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Jakub Haluška
Jakub HaluškaMasterful Digital Experience Strategy
Jakub excels in digital strategy and client engagement for legal firms, enhancing user experience and online presence to drive firm growth. He is skilled at developing impactful digital platforms tailored to your firm’s needs.

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Jaroslav Salva
Jaroslav SalvaBusiness and Sales Strategy
Jaroslav is a seasoned business and sales strategy expert, renowned for his proven ability to elevate law firms to new heights of success. Collaborate with Jaroslav to revitalize your firm’s growth strategy and achieve remarkable results.

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Why Choose AgiLawyer:

Effective Task Management

“AgiLawyer’s coaching has helped me to better structure my many tasks, leading me to become even more productive and efficient.”

Larry Markowitz, Lawyer and Shareholder, WeProofread.it (Canada)
Agile Transformation Empowers Firm

“We had always wanted to better organize our law firm by putting into place mechanisms to help it run more smoothly. The challenge was that the firm’s partners were effectively working as repair people, trying to figure out which gears to oil so the wheels of the law firm would turn smoothly. We were positively surprised when we started the agile movement with AgiLawyer. Not only does the team report back to us about missing oil in the system, but they are even able to oil the squeaky gears without our intervention. This means that we, as partners, can concentrate on conceptual work and business development, instead of working as repair people.”

Štěpán Holub, Managing partner, Holubová advokáti (Czech Republic)
Efficiency Workshop Excellence

“With AgiLawyer, we organized a workshop focused on team-work, agility of our legal department, and process optimization. We highly recommend this eye-opening session that grounded our initiatives in KPMG.”

Jan Frey, Legal Associate Director, KPMG (Czech Republic)
Fostering Legal Community Power with AI

“As co-founder of Legalmondo, I’m grateful for AgiLawyer’s expertise in AI. Their insights have empowered our members to adapt to artificial intelligence, supporting them in embracing cutting-edge technologies. We deeply appreciate their involvement in our community.”

Roberto Luzi Crivellini, Co-founder Legalmondo (Italy)

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