Lawyers@Work: AI & Business Development in a law firm

Lawyers@Work: AI & Business Development in a law firm


16. 4. 2024    
12:00 - 18:00



Ondřej Dvořák
Miroslav Hyrman
Jana Alice Pakosta Fabry

At AgiLawyer, we are working on what the future will bring to the legal sphere. With ELSA, we have prepared three lectures for law students that will help you glimpse into the future of law firms. You will learn all about agility – a way to stay flexible and innovative, delve into the world of LegalTech and artificial intelligence, to see how technology is changing the rules of the game, and explore business development & marketing, to learn how to communicate, present, and acquire clients.


Agility – adapting to the dynamic world of law

Do you ever wonder how law firms cope with constant changes and challenges? Although you may have had only a short internship, you have surely noticed how quickly things can change. In this course, we will look at how agility – the ability to respond quickly and effectively to changes – plays a key role in modern legal practice.

We will explore how agile methods and thinking can transform not only how projects and tasks are handled, but also how communication is improved both within the team and with clients. We will demonstrate how modern technologies and approaches to work can streamline daily operations in law firms, reduce communication noise, and increase overall productivity.

At the end of this block, you will have not only a deeper understanding of agile methods in the legal world but also ideas on how you can apply them in your future career. Prepare to discover how agility enables legal teams to not only survive but also thrive in the ever-changing legal environment.

Law and technology: The future is now

Are you interested in how technology is changing the face of the legal sector? In a world where legal firms strive not only to survive but mainly to thrive, innovation is key. As law students, you stand on the threshold of a new era where LegalTech and artificial intelligence (AI) are not just buzzwords but fundamental pillars of modern legal practice.

In this block, we will explore why it is important for future lawyers like you to understand technology and be able to adapt quickly to new technological trends. We will show how LegalTech and AI not only streamline routine tasks such as legal research and document analysis but also explore new legal specializations and services that were previously impossible.

We will look at examples of how technology enables law firms to offer innovative solutions and how it changes relationships with clients. From automating routine tasks to sophisticated data analysis, technology will allow you as lawyers to focus on what is most important – providing high-quality legal services.

Business development and marketing in law

Do you think being a good lawyer is all you need for a successful career? Besides legal skills, it is increasingly important to know how to sell yourself. As you move up the career ladder from associate to partner, your role will inevitably expand to include aspects of business acumen and marketing.

In this block, we will focus on the key skills in business development and marketing that are essential for the modern lawyer. We will explore how strategic planning and effective communication can strengthen your practice and help you build long-term relationships with clients.
Emphasis will be placed on how developing business skills and marketing thinking can improve not only financial results but also how it helps you become a recognized expert in your field. We will clarify why it is important to be not only an excellent lawyer but also a capable businessman who understands the market and client needs. Why in the legal field, building a personal brand means a path to success.