Speaker: Ondřej Dvořák

Ondřej is the co-founder of AgiLawyer, a firm dedicated to providing comprehensive services to small and medium-sized law firms as well as in-house legal teams, with a specialization in agile management solutions. He actively participates in conferences covering legal technology, startups, agile management, and non-profit initiatives.

Beyond his contributions to AgiLawyer, Ondřej is also deeply involved in Linking Help – UA.Support, a non-profit, international volunteer platform functioning as a clearinghouse. This initiative showcases the remarkable achievements possible through collaboration and technological support, including providing legal assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Ondřej’s academic credentials include a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague and a PhD in the sustainability of Software and Enterprises from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Workshops by Ondřej Dvořák:

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