Let the team work effectively

A satisfied team is the foundation for a well-functioning company. We work with tools that help your team plan, manage, and communicate to improve their effectiveness. Among other things, they will be happier.

  • Task management, Case management

  • Communication
  • Calendaring, event planning
  • Improve collaboration between people
  • Quickly respond in an ever-changing market
  • Continuously digitise, automate, and optimise business processes

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Have all data on one place

With our partners, we are developing smart solutions tailored to make law firms more efficient. We are constantly improving them and at the same time developing new ones so that we can completely digitize your office.

  • Case management
  • Document management
  • Contact management
  • Conflict check management
  • Anti-money laundering tools

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Take care of your customers

We help you track business history, segment customers, manage and personalize communications, and track the cost of cases.

  • Lead management
  • Contact management
  • Performance reports
  • Conflict checks

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Communicate effectively on social networks

People are spending more time on social media, possibly even more than in a pub. This makes social networks a very important communication channel. We will make your social media image as effective as possible.

  • Strategy

  • Content creation

  • Campaigns

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google

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Do business development the right way

We help you to create an environment where you can better plan and govern the work on legal contracts, cases, and other tasks. We will help you bring order and structure to potentially chaotic communication, giving you complete clarity on “who” does “what” and “why”.

  • Task management
  • Case management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Have the right web presence

We will prepare a top-notch website with a timeless design for you. The web is one of the important touch-points of business today. We will help you prepare it to meet your business goals.

  • UX Design
  • Web audit
  • Web development
  • Optimization, SEO

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Look good in front of others

If you want to talk to your customers, you have to engage them. We prepare graphic materials that fit perfectly with your brand communication, and evoke the right emotions in your customers.

  • Banners

  • Video production

  • Print design

  • Brand materials

  • Online magazines

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Do online marketing the right way

There is no business without traffic. The one who is most visible, wins. Thanks to effective campaigns, we can bring relevant customers to your website who will want to spend money with you.

  • PPC analysis and audit
  • SEO
  • Performance marketing
  • Dynamic retargeting
  • Link building

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Discover more with excellent reporting

You won’t run out of money anymore. With advanced reports, you get up-to-date performance information instantly so you can make operational changes. Measure everything!

  • Business performance
  • Online marketing
  • Effectivity and productivity
  • Custom reports

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