AgiLawyer involves experts from various fields, such as marketing, business development, legal, IT, etc. Within our non-profit activities, we educate and help wherever and whenever possible. Our first non-profit project is UA.SUPPORT Linking help to Ukrainian refugees.

AgiLawyer has a mission to help law firms thrive by unleashing their full potential. Within our non-profit activities, we contribute to that mission with our non-profit activities

We believe that when people collaborate and technology helps them, they achieve incredible things.

In response to the current legal challenges of refugees from Ukraine and those impacted by the war, we have created a platform Linking Help where volunteer lawyers across the globe can collaborate and link their offers of help with those in need.

However, in light of the high number of volunteer lawyers who joined the project after just two weeks, and the official support we’ve received from legal organizations around the world, we need to scale up.

To become a truly global solution for connecting pro bono legal help, we need both donors and those willing to help. Support us financially using one of the ways below:
Your financial contributions will be used to further develop the project from both a technical and from human point of view, and to possibly co-finance time-consuming legal cases. We are aiming to involve as many Ukrainian colleagues as possible (e.g., attorneys, developers, etc.) to maximize their sense of belonging.