To thrive in uncertainty, team up
and harness your business with agility

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You've surely heard the term “agile” or “digital agile transformation” being thrown around.

Agile management is a methodology that helps both small companies and large corporations to:

  • improve collaboration between people
  • better adapt to feedback from their stakeholders or clients
  • quickly respond to an ever-changing market
  • embrace continuous improvement and learning
  • continuously digitalize, automate and optimize business processes
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Did you know that “agile” is not specific to the IT sector?

Techniques of agile management, like Scrum or Kanban can be easily adapted to the work of lawyers. They help lawyers:

  • better plan and govern the work on legal contracts, cases and other tasks
  • strengthen the relationship between lawyers and their administrative staff
  • gain transparency on “who” does “what” and “why”
  • bring order and structure to potentially chaotic communication
  • continuously improve and digitize their work

Suitable for:
Legal offices / Legal departments
of any size.

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How does this work?

  1. Contact us and explain your struggles or challenges
  2. We give you an intro to the agile management technique
  3. In a workshop/online meeting, we will explain to you the basic principles of agile management
  4. We will help you implement agile management in your office
  5. We will stay in touch and provide ongoing coaching to your staff to help them constantly improve their agile management skills
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Our clients' reviews:

“AgiLawyer’s coaching has helped me to better structure my many tasks, leading me to become even more productive and efficient.”

Larry Markowitz
Larry Markowitz, Lawyer and Shareholder, Canada

“We had always wanted to better organize our law firm by putting into place mechanisms to help it run more smoothly. The question was how to do it. The challenge was that the firm’s partners were effectively working as repair people, trying to figure out which gears to oil so the wheels of the law firm would turn smoothly. We were positively surprised when we started the agile movement. Thanks to AgiLawyer, not only does the team report back to us about missing oil in the system, but they are even able to oil the squeaky gears without intervention of the partners. This means that we, as partners, can concentrate on conceptual work and business development, instead of working as repair people.”

Štěpán Holub
Štěpán Holub, Managing partner, Czech Republic
Holubová advokáti

“AgiLawyer's training and implementation at our firm has been priceless. At this time, with most of our firm working from home likely until the end of 2020, Agile has streamlined our task management and assignment across different groups and employees without needing countless emails. We've found this method easy to understand, and are already seeing increased productivity and efficiency.”

Dhruv Kakar
Dhruv Kakar, Managing Partner, India
S.C. Ladi & Co.
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